Our needs were simple. We had a customer on whose behalf we collect an immense amount of data for. We were presenting that data using statically built graph tools which, whilst nice, lacked the dynamic behaviour we were after. The google visualisation api was ideal for our needs but the JSON format was new to us and we were faced with constructing a mysql parser to make the data look good. There was much work to be done and significant time allocated to this task. One of our developers came across your API and we purchased it straight away; the cost is less than the cost of a developer hour so it was an easy decision to make. Installing was a breeze and we literally had what we wanted, working within 1/2 hour, it was a very very simple process. I would estimate that it saved at least a weeks worth of developer time and allowed us to deliver to our customer earlier than expected which is a great outcome. I would highly recommend your product to others,

Gary Fink, CEO
Embedded Linux Services