GV Streamer Versions:

GV Streamer basic PHP 1.1GV Streamer extended PHP 1.2GV Streamer basic .NETGV Streamer extended .NETGV Streamer basic JAVAGV Streamer extended JAVA
PrerequisitesPHP 5.2.0 or higherPHP 5.2.0 or higher
Generates data source response
Automatically convert MySQL and PostgreSQL queries
Support multiple requests
Support data signature
Support errors and warnings in protocol
Save data as CSV file
PriceFreeUS$ 59.99Coming soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
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Note: If you are upgrading your GV Streamer or buying licence for another domain, Please do it through here.

  • Generates data source response

    This is the basic functionality of GV Streamer. You can generate a data source structure by calling functions like addColumn(), addNewRow(), addStringCellToRow() etc. See the example.
  • Automatically convert MySQL and PostgreSQL queries

    This is one of the powerfull features of GV Streamer. With this feature you can convert an entire MySql or PostgreSQL query result into a data source, by calling a single function. See the example.
  • Support multiple requests

    This is an important feature of the protocol that allows your data source to work with clients that sends multiple requests before receiving a response. In that case GV Streamer will identify and match the response with the proper request.
  • Support data signature

    This is a very strong feature for optimizing responses in order to avoid sending identical data to a client twice. GV Streamer will send a special notification if the data have not been changed, so clients that perform consecutive requests will not waste bandwith.
  • Support errors and warnings in protocol

    Errors may occure during different stages of the process. The request may be faulty, or an error may occure while building the response. GV Streamer validates the request for errors and also provides functions for creating manual errors and warnings.
  • Save data as CSV file

    The protocol allows you to save your data as CSV file.