Publish your data. Visualize it.

GV Streamer will convert your data into a Google Visualization compliant data source and will enable you to publish it and create cool visualizations on this data. Keep on reading and learn how it is done.

What is Google Visualization API?

The Google Visualization API is a JavaScript API for web developers and Google gadgets developers, that allows you to turn structured data into charts, tables, maps, and more on your page. Visualizations are small embedded objects that take structured data from a variety of sources (a “compliant data source”) and present them in new and interesting ways. Visualizations can be embedded on any web page by adding some simple Javascript and HTML. A lot of visualizations have also been wrapped as gadgets, for display on web pages or additional targets, like iGoogle or a Google Spreadsheet.

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GV Streamer - PHP, JAVA, .NET API for creating Google visualization data source

GV Streamer is a server side API (PHP, JAVA, .NET), that will turn your data (e.g. MySql or PostgreSQL query) into a compliant data source for Google visualizations. With GV Streamer you will now be able to display your raw data in a much more attractive way, publish your data and by that allow others to display it on their websites. For example, you will be able to allow people to view your data from their own iGoogle dashboard. GV Streamer enables you to:

  • Easily generate a data structure in the right format by calling only a few simple APIs.
  • Automatically convert a SQL query into a Google Visualization compliant response.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of the Google visualization data source protocol, including: multiple requests, data signature, error and warnings, save data as CSV file, etc.

Important: The basic version of GV Streamer is available for free download!

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So, what can you do with GV Streamer?

There are several things that can be done only with GV Streamer. In other words, using Google Visualization API alone will not do the trick. Theas features introduce major benefits that your visitors, customers and you, as the website developer, can enjoy only if you use GV Streamer:

  • Bring life into your website - Add cool visualizations to your website without even having to enter a single line of code of Google visualization API.
  • Publish your data - Allow others to use Google visualizations and embed Google gadgets that read data from your data source, in their websites. Think about it, web surfers will be exposed to your information even when visiting other sites.
  • Support personalization - Allow web surfers to display your published information in their own iGoogle dashboards, Google sites or any other gadgets container.

Off course, using GV Streamer does not prevent you from using Google Visualization API if you wish.

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